Cover Those Books Like a Pro!

Watch the video and learn all about it:

Cover your books for a perfectly styled bookshelf and library.

Here's a few tips:

1. You'll need sharp scissors (I prefer Fishers), clear tape (the clearer, the better), and sheets of sturdy paper.

2. Kraft paper, handmade paper, and sturdy poster paper all work well. Inexpensive wrapping paper does not.

3. Clear a large, flat workspace so you'll have plenty of room to work.


1. Lay book open and flat on top of the paper you plan to use. If the paper has a print or pattern, make sure it's facing the same direction as your book.

2. Cut out a piece of the paper that's about 2" larger that the open book. If you're working on a paperback, make the sides more like 4" wider than the book.

3. Tightly fold the corners on the first side of the open book, as tightly as you would fold when you're wrapping a present.

4. Snip a cut in the paper the the top corners of the binding, top and bottom.

5. Making sure you've left enought paper for the book to close comfortably, fold the paper tightly on the corners of the other side of the book.

6. Tape down any loose paper, and snip the little tails of paper from the top and bottom of your binding.

7. Voilá! You've just beautifully covered your book.

Thanks for reading!


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