Next Event: Here Comes Spring. February 17-19

Next event at Chartreuse & co on February 17-19 from 10-4 each day. Here Comes Spring!

In the brisk and brittle cold of winter, we often find ourselves dreaming of the warmth that Spring brings! A new fresh season begins to defrost the grounds of the earth and make room for rebirth. 

Such a magical time, watching the foliage come back to life, flowers bloom, and critters coming out of hiding.

Until Spring officially hits, and we dream of sunshine & daffodils - we can transform our home into an oasis! 

Join us for our February event, Here Comes Spring Feb. 17-19 from 10-4 daily to immerse yourself in Spring!

Our dealers have been hunting and gathering for the best finds- antique, vintage, and new. They have filled our barns and grounds with fantastic new pieces and items that scream Spring.

We will have Grilled Cheese Please! as our food truck for the weekend, along with Loew Vineyards with some tasty wine. A local plant farmer, M & M Plants will be on-site Friday and Saturday with fresh flowers and plants.

Pro tip: Bundle up! The Dairy Barn is a historical - you guessed it - old Dairy Barn. Built to keep things cool, it can get rather chilly if you do not bundle up for the occasion. We often find the inside of the barn is cooler than the outside grounds even on warmer days, so we highly recommend wearing your warmest layers to stay comfortable.

You can come to enjoy a day of shopping, and explore our various buildings filled with found objects - the Dairy Barn, the Stone House, and the Bank Barn.

A variety of lawn games will be available for the little ones to run with and play while you enjoy sitting in our courtyard with a grilled cheese sandwich! 

It’s a great family outing day, or a great day out to enjoy with your gal pals. 

We hope to see you there! To learn more about this Spring's decor inspiration, here are some words from Katherine:

Katherine Crum is Chartreuse & co's Buyer and visionary. She transforms and curates the barn each month alongside Virginia for our events. She is incredibly talented and brings to life the meaning of Spring. We asked Katherine, what does Spring mean to you?

"For me, spring is all about one, single color: green. Vibrant, muted, and everything in between. This season, all other colors are relegated to the role of demure attendants, for green is the color of life, and, in its essence, that's precisely what spring is: rejuvenation. This month is all about stepping back out into a lush world as it renews itself. Get ready for verdant vines, colorful blossoms, and curious little creatures just waking up from their long slumbers. For myself, I often take inspiration from history, and I've got my eye squarely set on three (admittedly) very different historical inspirations, all coming together to bring to life one awesome aesthetic for the greenest of seasons." 

Continue reading Katherine's Spring inspiration here.


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