The Transformative Power of Paint -- Introducing Fusion Mineral Paint

Whether you're adopting a project piece, transforming your room, or making something old into something new again, a fresh coat of paint delivers a metamorphosis. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll know I have a passion for great paint and good color. In paint, that can be hard to find. Always look or paint that’s loaded with pigment. While Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have decent paint (and an overwhelming selection of color choices) every one of their paints starts with a gallon of base, with just squirts of pigment mixed in. If you want those really rich, dynamic colors, look deeper for something pre-mixed with more like 30% pigment. The colors you’ll get from that are on another level.

For walls, my go-to is Farrow & Ball. Yes, because it’s 30% pigment, the colors are mixed in one ginormous vats England, canned from there, and shipped over here. So you need a few days lead time to get your paint (a tricky issue for someone like me who comes up with a vision and needs to see it happen ASAP.)

For furniture there are some great options that don’t require the lead-time, or the investment of an entire gallon of $130 paint. One that’s just arrived here at Chartreuse & co, and I’ve fallen in love with, is Fusion Mineral Paint, produced in Canada, and brought to us by Rebecca of Federal & Black.

Fusion Paint Brush

"Forever inspired by the power of a fresh coat of paint," writes its inventor, "Fusion [was created] as the ultimate go-to for DIY enthusiasts just like [me]."  What emerged was a small batch, handcrafted paint with extraordinary benefits, made locally in Ontario, Canada. "What started as a humble small business has grown into a global brand, available in over 30 countries...[while still] sticking to those family values."


Conceived from History

 Fusion Mineral Paint


First conceived in 1989 -- a world of vibrant color -- the notion behind this paint was simple and divine. Around this time, new comprehension of old colors was coming to the fore. While for generations it had been believed that our ancestors preferred almost exclusively muted tones, new lab techniques paired with loving restoration projects revealed a simple fact: humans have always adored color, and stunning varieties of it. The simple fact, which bred our misconceptions, was that the colors had worn away with time. Armed with these exciting new finds, the precursor to Fusion paint burst upon the scene, looking to replicate a world of antique finishes and tones for a modern audience, in a bevy of sophisticated coatings and finishes for all paint needs. 

So what sets Fusion apart? Well, that all comes down to two things: philosophy and science. 


You & Your Vision Inspire Fusion Paint

Before image of a dresser

"In many ways, it’s very simple—offer high quality products at fair prices and low environmental impact. But Fusion is so much more than just paint, it’s about how you feel while you’re painting."

Girded with the unfaltering belief that painting isn't just a project, Fusion looked to change the painting game. After all, we don't paint to paint. We paint to evolve. It's an act of artistic expression, of vivifying transfiguration: taking something worn and tired, and restoring it to exultant new life, while claiming it utterly and unapologetically as our own. Says the creator, "It’s a way to express your creativity. It’s good for the soul. It’s that magical transformation that happens with a coat of colour, it’s why we do what we do." Forever pursuing this aim, Fusion works tirelessly to continuously craft the next technique, the next finish, the next breath-taking color scheme. "We take cues from everything – travel and nature, food and fashion – so you can bring beauty to your home, however that looks to you."


Painting fusion mineral paint on a dresser

Fusion's look is top shelf, with a gorgeous matte sheen and breathtaking pigment to take your style revolution to the next level. "At the end of the day," writes the creator, "It is incredible to come back to a place that feels comfortable and oh-so-‘you.’" Tackle your next endeavor armed with the best-in-class paint out there with "an environmentally conscious formulation, superior durability, easy one-step application and significantly improved strength. Delivering an exceptional matte finish, this 100% acrylic paint requires minimal prep work."  Now, rather than tiring yourself out with the relentless drudgery of prep and finishing coats, you can focus on your vision, instead, sinking yourself into the act of self-expression. By you. For you. Exquisitely yours.

"I didn’t begin, a furniture painter," says Rebecca Kidder of Federal & Black.  "When I first started Federal & Black I’d go to every estate sale & auction I could find to stretch my dollar & find great deals. Sometimes I’d luck into finding a stunner sideboard or pair of pembroke side tables in pristine condition but most of the time, I’d find pieces that needed a little TLC. That’s where Fusion comes in."

 Furniture Refinishing

The Science of Fusion Paint

Launched in 2014, this exclusive brand was designed over the course of more than a decade following countless "years of research and testing, using only the highest quality ingredients ensuring the health and safety of our products meets the highest standards." Those tireless years paid off with results that are nothing less than sublime.

"The first time I used it I was hooked," raves Rebecca. "The application is easy and the results…Like I’m a pro! It rolls on like a dream and the coverage is unmatched."  Unlike other furniture paint lines, Fusion is one-step, no primer or topcoat necessary (it’s already built-in). It’s nontoxic, water and UV-light resistant, so no fading AND durable. Let it cure for 21 days & it’ll hold up to a beating as well as a cleaning, specifically a scrubbing! "A little goes a long way," notes Rebecca. "I can typically paint two or three pieces of furniture with one pint! "  

 Fusion Mineral Paint 67 Colors


Fusion Mineral Paint is rich in mineral-based pigment, which is why the 67 colors are such standouts. And, honestly, it’s an added bonus that they’ve paired down the offerings to just 67 instead 1,000. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s just too much to wade through all the choices from the big paint companies.

Rebecca recommends, "Some of my favorites are Chateau (my favorite neutral), Ash (my favorite favorite), Bayberry, Little Lamb topped with antiquing glaze, and the list goes on." With unparalleled ease of application, high hiding coverage, built-in top coat, Fusion Mineral Paint was created with the busy DIYer in mind.  Created from mineral pigments and formulated for lasting results, customers return again and again! A fair price, for an uncompromised high quality product based on 20+ years of industry expertise.


White dresser painted with fusion mineral paint

Formulated with a built-in top coat of 100% acrylic resin, you don't need to waste your time with unnecessary additional coats to achieve water permanency, anymore, plus this one goes straight on to most previously painted or coated pieces without all that tedious priming and stripping prep work. 


Tips for Painting with Fusion

Fusion boasts that you likely won't even need more than a single coat. It’s great paint, and that’s possible, but keep in mind that if you’re going from light to dark or vice versa, always plan on a second coat, at minimum. Once it's cured, Fusion takes a beating in even the most high-traffic areas of your home, so it’s particularly good for hard-hitting spaces such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, or highly used pieces of furniture like nightstands and coffee tables. 

Something to consider BEFORE it’s cured is whether you want to ‘distress’ the piece. By this I mean sanding it down to give it some ‘pre-wear’ so it doesn’t look so spankin’ new.  If you’re going to distress, do so after the paint has dried, but BEFORE it has fully cured. Once it’s cured, a simple waxing and, voilá! Transformation complete.

 White desk painted with fusion mineral paint

Demos at Spring Market Days

So come prepared to look for a diamond in the rough at Spring Market Days, catch Rebecca’s demo where she’ll share tips and techniques for getting that perfect finish. She can also help you select the right color for your project (we’ve loaded the Bank Barn’s hillside with tons of great project pieces!) and get you started right. Get all the details on Spring Market Days here. Can't make it? Shop Fusion Mineral Paint online here

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