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Growing up I visited my French grandmother on Martha’s Vineyard where she sold her vintage treasures at Beetlebung Corne (now known as the Chilmark Flea Market). And as a kid I helped my parents with neighborhood yard sales.  These formative experiences have given me a passion for treasure hunting and collecting unique, old things. After raising two beautiful children, I joined my sister and took on the tradition of setting up at flea markets on weekends.  We had such a great time doing it, that In 2010 I decided to expand my passion for selling vintage and repurposed finds at Chartreuse & co.  You'll see my love for all things vintage in my collection. There's such beauty in solid wood and hand-carved furniture, details in the hardware, and nostalgia and beauty in the accent pieces.  I love breathing new life into overlooked or forgotten pieces!  I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix in my virtual shop!

- Donna
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