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I collect one-of-a-kind items and as much salvage as my space can hold. I truly love vintage hardware and travel to many states to bring you the best selection you're likely to find, so you can match a missing piece or adorn a new piece that just needs a facelift.  

I do this partly because of my love of vintage beauty.   And partly because I love to brighten your day with the things I help you find.  It delights me to see a smile come to your face when you find that something you can’t live without, or tell me a story about how you grew up with this thing and how you used it.

I have only one rule:   if you buy a piece of salvage you must return to show me pictures of how you used the piece.  I get such a kick out of seeing how creative you are!

I have the best customers and you all know who you are. Wishing everyone will stay safe and we will see you soon!

-- Liz

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